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Stops you from losing marks by keeping your study notes organized.
The only map-based study program that tests what you know.

Tired of being stressed about study? Organize your study and learn more in less time with RecallPlus.

Why is RecallPlus the best and only true study software?

RecallPlus is software designed specifically for students who want to learn faster and improve their marks. RecallPlus goes beyond simple note-taking and organizing - it actually tests students on their notes so they can learn the information. RecallPlus is the only true study software because it is the only software that combines concept mapping of notes with testing.

How are notes organized in RecallPlus?

Each page of notes in RecallPlus is called a 'card'. Each card has a 'concept map' - pieces of information are linked together. This method of organizing information is similar to the way the brain stores information and has been proven to improve learning and memory. It is easy to navigate between the cards which are organized hierarchically into subjects and sections within subjects. RecallPlus is designed so students can learn faster. More about concept maps.

Why is the testing function in RecallPlus so important?

To learn information, students need to revise and test themselves on their study notes. RecallPlus study software is the only concept mapping study software which tests students. More about testing in RecallPlus.

What do the different versions of RecallPlus offer?

RecallPlus Lite version is free and can be used to map your notes in 3D. If you are more serious about being organized with your study, purchase either RecallPlus Expert or RecallPlus Professional which test you on what you need to know. RecallPlus is the only map-based study software which does this. Click here to see the differences between RecallPlus editions.

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RecallPlus stops you from losing the marks that you deserve by combining the benefits of Concept Mapping and Flashcard-style Testing. RecallPlus makes it easy to apply proven learning techniques. Despite the advances in technology over the last few decades, many people still don't take advantage of technology to improve their learning. Find out how RecallPlus can help you improve your grades.

Recall Plus now runs from a USB/Memory Stick/Flash Drive. So you can easily take your study notes with you and use RecallPlus on any computer.

What people have said about RecallPlus

"A modern study aid with real advantages, RecallPlus is a boon to students.
"Access to any opened chapter or card is easy through the simple interface..."
"My son won an academic proficiency prize this year..."
"RecallPlus has given me a structure to study with..."
"It is the most effective way of learning I have found to date..."

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