Compare the features of different editions of RecallPlus.
Features Essentials Edition
(First Released 2001)
Professional Edition
(First Released Dec 2003)
Expert Edition
(First Released March 2005)
Make 3d Maps Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Maps per file Yes Yes Yes
Drag/Paste/Import any file Yes Yes Yes
Do Drawings Yes Yes Yes
Test yourself Flashcard style Yes Yes Yes
Bio Feedback (To keep you from losing concentration) Yes Yes Yes
Save time by avoiding reviewing things you don't need to do. Yes Yes Yes
Benefit from spacing effect. Yes Yes Yes
Knowledge tracking so you know what you know less well. Yes Yes Yes
Memory Toolbox Tasks No Yes Yes
Memory Toolbox Exercises No Yes Yes
"Gatherer’ for speedy acquisition of notes from other sources e.g. Word,Explorer (Ideal for Online Courses) No Yes Yes
"Layout Library" for saving full snapshots of the layout and open files in RecallPlus.
(ideal for setting up RecallPlus in a variety of situations).
No Yes Yes
Auto Organize / Auto Arrange No Yes Yes
Record your voice/Sound No Yes Yes
Smart split documents into diagrams automatically No Yes Yes
Study Reports and predictions up to an exam. No No Yes
Bring your notes to life with Animations! No No Yes
Phone Support Yes# Yes# Yes#
Internet Support Yes## Yes## Yes##

Suggestions and further additions welcome. Please contact via email

* If the feature/s listed with a "yes" are not available at time of purchase you will be able to upgrade for free as they become available.
** Multiple 'ultimate refinements' including smoother integration with various voice recognition.
# Reasonable use limits apply - RecallPlus team will call user if user emails GMT time for call to be made. Accept calls 24/7.
## Online chat available 4 days.. Email - Usual reply time < 12 hours. Email or Feedback page or Discussion group methods all supported. NB if you have a problem that takes you more than 5 minutes to sort, we consider it our problem.