I will use RecallPlus to Study

The situation- your improved study method using this study software

You decide to organise your notes with RecallPlus this time around.

The diagrammatic style of the notes makes it easy for you to make notes the way you are thinking about a topic, and easy for you to re-organise them as you see fit.You can move ideas or entire topics around by simply dragging and dropping.

You copy and paste images from the internet and other sources to aid your memory. You find you frequently tend to remember things by the pictures you place on the notes with them.

You add crazy scribbles to make things look even more unique!

You import the notes your teacher produced online, and break them up using 'smart split' to make them more memorable than the original wordprocessed document.

You spend 60 seconds here and there, recording and editing your own voice sometimes to liven your notes up... especially the difficult bits.

Sometimes you use voice recognition software to make some of your notes - especially when you are sick of typing.

RecallPlus is systematically testing you as you go to make sure information is not just 'going in one ear and out the other'. This is quite fast, especially when you know the information.
You are finding you are getting a better feel for when you are learning and what works for you.

RecallPlus is keeping track of your revision at all times and you can see when you check the things that RecallPlus says you 'know' that it is right... you really are learning quickly !

The program is constantly offering you tips as it reminds you to take breaks you otherwise would forget to take. Those tips are improving your technique further. The techniques in the Memory Toolbox are further sharpening your learning ability.

Finding information in your notes is a no brainer with the search facilities...

RecallPlus is ultimately your quickest way to learn more with less stress !

Let me see what other possible options there are ...