RecallPlus for Beginners

What is Recallplus?

Often students don't receive the marks that they could achieve simply because they don't organise themselves well enough or don't know the best way to learn. Don't let this happen to you! RecallPlus is study software specifically designed to teach students the best possible study techniques and provide the tools need to both organise and test study notes.

Of map-based software, RecallPlus is the product capable of testing students and testing is a essential element of learning. In addition to testing, RecallPlus also advises on appropriate revision times.

With RecallPlus, students will learn how to optimise their note-taking, note-organisation, breaks and revision – and with these skills, students will find that their study-time is used more wisely and not wasted, leading to faster learning and better results.

It has been designed specifically for students and is easy to use so you can use your time to learn what you need to know.

RecallPlus will stop you wasting your study time.

RecallPlus - The OVERVIEW

How is RecallPlus different from other study programs?

How was RecallPlus developed?

What is a 'concept map'?

Why are concept maps important in studying?

What is special about RecallPlus concept mapping?

What are Flashcard Programs?

What is special about RecallPlus' flashcard-based testing program?

What is the overall benefit of using RecallPlus instead of other study programs?

How to use RecallPlus

How do I begin my study with RecallPlus?

How do I make a concept map?

How does RecallPlus test me?

How often does RecallPlus test me?

What kind of computer do I need?

What else can RecallPlus do with my notes?

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